Crafting an Independent Group of Advisors is Critical to Estate Planning

One of the best ways of knowing whom to trust when purchasing life insurance is to find out if and how your broker works with other professionals including financial planners, CPAs and estate tax attorneys.
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Even Billionaires Buy Life Insurance

Even Billionaires need insurance policies (40 billionaires claim dual residency here in South Florida, according to the 2016 Forbes’ World’s Billionaires list) to protect their vast assets, massive homes, golf courses, businesses and huge liquidity needs.
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Banks Believe In Life Insurance, Shouldn’t You?

You might be surprised to learn that many banks often choose to make life insurance a significant percentage of their top-tier or “Tier 1” capital pools.
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Richard S. Bernstein

Richard S. Bernstein & Associates, Inc. 

Since 1964 our advanced estate and business planning tools have helped individuals, families, businesses and groups protect their employees, their wealth and plan for the future.

Many of today’s top business leaders, America’s wealthiest families and charitable organizations continually choose Richard S. Bernstein Insurance Group as their insurance advisor. Don't hesitate, contact our expert high net worth advisors to start planning for your future today.

Our Services

Premium Financing


Premium financing is best suited to individuals with high net worth who have the need for a large amount of life insurance for heirs, estate planning, or a favorite charity. Our team specializes in high net worth financing.

Life Insurance

Life insurance can replace your income for your dependents. It can also pay your final expenses, create an inheritance for your heirs, and pay your estate taxes. Speak with one of our knowledgable life insurance advisors today to discuss your options.

Disability Insurance


Even with challenging medical histories, carriers are often willing to limit the benefit period or extend the elimination period to approve this type of protection. Our disability insurance advisors can help to ensure you receive the protection you need.

Health Insurance


Our health insurance advisors offer health insurance options to individuals, businesses and groups. Our team works with all major carriers and several third-party administrators to provide clients with the coverage they need.