Tax Savings Double Down

by Richard S. Bernstein on Apr 13, 2018

Life Insurance, Finance, planning

Increased cash flow is always a welcome sight on a financial statement. Whether it’s the result of a reduction in expenses, an increase in sales, or other financial gain, the extra cash is certainly welcome.  The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has enabled many companies to see more after-tax funds in their cash flow statement.

Opportunities in Estate Planning Under New Tax Law

by Richard S. Bernstein on Apr 6, 2018

Estate Planning

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has delivered significant estate planning opportunities, but many families have not taken advantage of these changes. Whether it’s the change in estate tax exposure, the generation skipping tax, or general long-term estate planning, anyone interested in transferring wealth should be aware of how the new tax bill affects estate planning.

Four Ways to Protect All Your Assets

by Richard S. Bernstein on Mar 30, 2018

Life Insurance

With the recent economic boom, many people are excited about new opportunities, but they may not be thinking about protecting the wealth they’ve already accumulated. Even in good economic times, lawsuits and equity grabs are big business, and if you aren’t protected, you’re jeopardizing everything you own. For the plaintiff, lawsuits are cheap and require little time investment.

Time to “Spring Clean” Your Insurance Portfolio

by Richard S. Bernstein on Mar 9, 2018

Life Insurance

It’s that time of year again. Spring is here and people are getting ready to clean out the clutter in their homes and in their lives. We look around and decide what stays and what goes. Maybe the style of our home needs to be updated, so we remove some furniture and replace it with something new. Perhaps too many belongings have piled up in the garage, so we get rid of them.

Buy-sell Agreement Funded by Life Insurance for Multi-Owner Businesses

by Richard S. Bernstein on Mar 2, 2018

Life Insurance

Recently, I met a business owner who found himself in the following circumstance. His business partner recently passed away. It was a week after the funeral, and his office was addressing how they were going to handle the loss to the company, both in an operations capacity and emotionally.