Celebrate a Wedding with the Gift of a Lifetime

Celebrate a Wedding with the Gift of a Lifetime

by Richard S. Bernstein on Mar 23, 2018


By: Arthur L. Bernstein & Todd A. Wise, Esquire

A wedding is one of the seminal moments in a couple’s life. The event is planned, a registry is made and the future is bright for the newly formed partnership. The gifts that friends and family choose can range from household appliances, help with a honeymoon, to a down payment on a house. These are all gifts that help send a couple on a successful and happy journey in their marriage. A very useful gift for a couple that is just as helpful and provides lifetime protection is the gift of permanent life insurance. Considering a couple will have many financial obligations throughout their partnership, permanent life insurance is a great financial asset for a couple to start a life together. It’s a nest egg that can be one of the most beneficial and protective assets that a couple can own.

An appealing aspect of properly structured permanent life insurance is that it builds cash value. This is the asset portion of a life insurance product that provides ready to use cash that can be pulled from a policy. Pulling cash from a policy can be done in a few ways. One is to take a loan against the policy. Taking a loan against the policy allows its owners to effectively be their own bank, as there are no tax consequences and the rate is favorable compared to a bank loan. A policy loan is a great way to provide liquidity for a down payment on a house, paying tuition, or any other life circumstance that needs liquidity. Imagine the value this could provide a couple in time of need.

Another reason purchasing life insurance for a newlywed couple is a great idea has to do with the benefits of purchasing an insurance policy at a young age. The advantages to this are threefold. It’s cheaper, ensures insurability in case a policy is needed for estate planning purposes, and there’s also a policy in place in case of another life event. In the unfortunate event of a divorce, life insurance is often needed to collateralize a child support or alimony obligation, and if the spouse seeking life insurance is uninsurable due to age or health, a policy may become cost prohibitive. We’ve seen individuals come to us for this specific reason, only to see the cost of a policy to be incredibly expensive. Knowing the value of a life insurance policy when young is important if one wishes to avoid such circumstances later in life.

When buying a gift for newlyweds or considering what you’ll need in life before starting a marriage, consider the importance of permanent life insurance. It’s a fundamental financial tool everyone should have access to throughout life.

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Todd A. Wise, Esquire

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