Life Insurance

Have You Had the Right Conversation

by Richard S. Bernstein on Mar 24, 2017

Life Insurance, Estate Planning

There is a wide divergence when it comes to how families communicate their estate and wealth transfer plans. It is each family’s decision how much to share with their children, but in our experience, this communication is a big step in protecting wealth. One concern we see is that most families don’t have enough liquidity to pay their estate tax and one way to cover the estate tax is to have enough life insurance.

Banks Believe In Life Insurance, Shouldn’t You?

by Richard S. Bernstein on Feb 17, 2017

Life Insurance, Banking, Finance

You might be surprised to learn that many banks often choose to make life insurance a significant percentage of their top-tier or “Tier 1” capital pools. Banks retain billions of life insurance on their books in order to provide liquidity to substantiate the banks’ other more risky practices. Therefore, the ability to quickly convert the dollar value of a life insurance policy into cash makes life insurance a strong asset to back up other financial investments. 

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