Life Insurance

In times of market instability, there is one product guaranteed to provide for your heirs!

Do you need protection for a specific period of time – perhaps to cover a mortgage, business loan, or educational expenses?

Why would I want life insurance?

Life insurance can replace your income for your dependents.  It can also pay your final expenses, create an inheritance for your heirs, and pay your estate taxes.  Some forms of life insurance may be used to create a source of savings. It can also be used to make a significant contribution to your favorite charity.

How much will it cost?

How much you pay for life insurance will depend on a number of risk factors, including your age, your health, whether you use tobacco, your family health history, and the type and amount of life insurance you’re buying.

Why choose Richard S. Bernstein & Associates?

With so many options from which to choose, deciding on the life insurance policy that’s best for your needs can be a challenge.  Our licensed professionals will provide you with  a comprehensive needs analysis analyzing your needs, budget, and risk tolerance to determine the type of policy that’s right for you.  Being in the insurance business since 1964, Richard S. Bernstein personally works to obtain the best underwriting offers for you with the best insurance carriers and will provide you with an array of options to meet your needs.

If you would like for one of our experienced life insurance advisors to examine your individual needs, offer our expert advice, and give you a quote, please fill out the box above to contact us today.